Unplanned surprise suddenly expecting.
We embraced the life that was growing within
      But God knew we would never
           hold this child in our arms
                                                           hear her laughter
                                                                                          see her smile.

We had moved our family, prepared a place
    in anticipation
                              of her arrival
         Only to find
She would never come home.

A child unborn
   Yet how deeply she moved our hearts.

I wonder sometimes as I look around
          Who is born and who is stillborn.
      Kicking and stretching – showing signs of life
Moving towards the moment of birth

           Jesus has gone to prepare a place
    for them
Yet they will never come home.

I understand now
  The tears we shed for our Bethany
       are but an echo of
           the tears our Lord sheds for

His Own


This was written many years ago after we lost our daughter.

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