I am Paul Hypki, a long-time follower of Jesus, a student of the Holy Book who pays the bills protecting sensitive data by day. This blog is a collection of my thoughts about life and culture from a slightly different perspective. I have never been completely comfortable in the church, but know that the world without the church is lost and hopeless. I am trying to bring the church to the 21st century in the same way that Jesus would.

Feel free to disagree with me; I have often read things I wrote a year or two later and realized I had learned more, experienced more and didn’t completely agree with what I had written earlier. What I do not waver on are core truths that are not negotiable: God exists, he is personal and he is good. He is also unlike anything we typically imagine, and the more I learn of who God REALLY is, the more I am awed by him and love him.

I hope these musings will help you get to know the God who loves us better.


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